Giviko Abdushelishvili: Patriotism is professionalism, you have to constantly strive to stand on the side of the right values

Unprecedented sanctions have been imposed on Russia’s economy, financial system, government and its allies over the attack on Ukraine by the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries.

At the same time, the world's leading companies have announced the termination of business relations with Russia. Georgia already went through the processes that are underway in Ukraine in the 2008 Georgia-Russia war, and still has to live in the conditions of creeping occupation. Not to mention the 20% of Georgia's territories that Russia has occupied so far.

The activity and protest of young people against Russia and the desire to help Ukraine are exceptional, they openly voice their position from different universities and different platforms.

Giviko Abdushelishvili studies in New York in high school. At the age of 16, he decided to contribute to helping Ukrainian citizens affected by Russian aggression. Thus, Georgian Giviko Abdushelishvili and Ukrainian Arseniy Nasikovskiy have decided to create a website and sell their own clothes, and donate the profits to the aid fund for the people of Ukariane.

  • ‘Our mission is simple - we help Ukraine through selling our clothes and donating the profits. Each and every one of our items contains a #. We leverage social media to promote the message of peace. Both of us study in New York, in high school and we constantly experience worries and fears about the situation in Ukraine. Therefore, we have launched this project. Buy our clothing and help Ukraine’ says Giviko Andishelishvili.

According to him, it is also very important to spread the message of truth and peace as it is an information war as well. The hashtag used by them allows the issue of Ukraine to be more visible and widespread. Giviko Abdushelishvili has also recorded a video address, where he talks about the current situation and ways to implement sanctions more effectively.

  • ‘Multiple world leaders have already implemented further sanctions against the Russian Federation. However, as I mentioned in my Tweet, the Russian Federation might implement and legalize crypto-currency payments, which cannot be tracked upon all of the European and the American states. Mr. Boris Johnson, a UK diplomat and a representative has stated officially that the UK stands with Ukraine, so the UK have imposed sanctions on President Putin, Sergey Lavrov, 5 Russian banks, more a hundred companies and oligarchs at the heart of Putin’s regime and Belarus. President Duda of Poland has mentioned and I have mentioned in my tweet that Poland supports the express path of Ukraine joining the European Union. They want it to happen as fast as possible, however, it should still be noted with other European Union world leaders’.

Giviko Abdushelishvili was born in Georgia to a family of diplomats. His grandfather Givi Abdushelishvili was the first ambassador of independent Georgia to Uzbekistan and one of the signatories of the Georgian Independence Act. He wants to get an American education and return to Georgia.

As he mentions in his conversation with us, his desire is to help the country with his profession to develop and integrate with the West. On the question whether he is thinking of the career of a diplomat, he smiles.

  • "It is too early to talk about it... The main thing is to be a good citizen, a good professional in your job, because professionalism is patriotism. There is a long way of studies ahead, but what’s most important is you have to constantly strive to stand on the side of the right ‘, says Giviko.