Andriy Yermak: I truly sympathize with our Georgian brothers. I thank all the soldiers fighting with us

Andriy Yermak, the head of the administration of the President of Ukraine, sympathizes with the Georgian brothers.

He said that the Georgian fighters "fought for peace and freedom."

„Our Ukrainian and Georgian soldiers of the 57th brigade were besieged by the enemy near Bakhmut in the last few days. It has become known that one Georgian commander was wounded and five Georgian soldiers died. They fought for peace, for freedom!

Freedom unites the best people in the fight against autocratic evil!

I truly sympathize with our Georgian brothers! And I also thank all the soldiers who are fight with us“.

On December 3, five Georgian citizens, who fought as volunteers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, were killed near Bakhmut.

„Georgian volunteer fighters Avto Rurua, Roland Kvaratskhelia, Romeo Pichkhaya, Merab Aladashvili, and Badri Markelia were killed in the fight against the Russian invaders near Bakhmut on December 3. Eternal memory and glory to the heroes," the Embassy of Ukraine in Georgia posted on Facebook.

As reported, Russia’s full-scale military aggression has been ongoing in Ukraine since February 24. The defense forces are fiercely resisting the Russian invaders.

On December 3, 5 Georgian fighters were killed in Ukraine.

Since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, 33 Georgian fighters have died.