Statement of news agency Europetime

We are responding to the so-called study published by ‘Mediacritic’ according to which the material published by Europetime on the basis of the State Department is ‘fake’, only because it is a comment on behalf of the State Department and not with reference to a specific person.

The author of ‘Mediacritic’ also claims that the materials (regarding the possible resumption of flights with Russia and the trial of ex-president Mikheil Saakashvili) is ‘fake’ only because the author of the material has not been identified.

Publishing editorial material, as well as commenting, evaluating or making statements on behalf of various agencies is a common, proven method and has nothing to do with fake news. From the day it was founded, Europetime has always felt great responsibility before its readers and fully adhered to professional ethics.

We have never released any material, interview or comments without verification. As for the answers we received from the State Department to our questions, we do have the material reflecting this in the official e-mail, so we are attaching the ‘screenshots’ to our statement.

It is a pity that the material of ‘Mediacritic’ can be called a ‘study’, in which an independent media outlet can be blamed without any justification and be accused of something that contradicts its principles without appeal.

If the author of the material really wished to establish the truth, he would not have called the statement we released ‘fake’ without appeal and argumentation, but at least before publishing his ‘study’, he could have contacted us at least once, as other media outlets have done, and we would have gladly provided all the facts confirming the objectivity of the material. We still hope that this ‘study’ does not serve as an attempt to discredit the free media.

Editorial of Europetime